A Third Party Review Of Poker Training Network – Is PTN A Good Business Opportunity?


If you’re reading this review, it’s likely that you are trying to find some information on Poker Training Network or even considering becoming a distributor. Before you do, I would like to invite you to take a moment to learn this entire review. Inside it, I’ll go into a few details regarding the business, products and business opportunity. Moreover, I will also share how it is possible to position yourself ahead of 95% of your contest, in case you choose to combine.

To begin with, let us pay a few information on the true firm. Poker Training Network, or PTN, can be just a new company that markets poker training and education products through a network domino99 marketing business model. The business is located in Addison, Texas and contains distributors nation wide. While there isn’t much details found on the site regarding the company itself, there is a lot of information about members of their provider’s management staff. And, whilst having a fantastic management team in place will not guarantee a provider’s longterm success, it does increase the probability that the corporation should have the ability to develop and expand. The organization team members appear to get a lot of expertise and documentation. Many members have years and years of working experience in direct sales, traditional business and some have worked with other media marketing companies. For example, Jeff Branch, PTN’s Director Of Finance, co-owned a network marketing company, also Connie Summit, PTN’s Director of Communications, worked widely with AmeriplanUSA and Worldventures Previously. Overall, the company looks to stay the hands of some very capable men and women.

So far as their services and products go, the company sells different poker instruction and training solutions. The business owns a proprietary instruction platform named Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and provides a game room for customers of their products to try out what they understand. Obviously, there is more stuff at the $49.95 per month pokertel package than there is in the $14.95 per month poker tel Lite package. You can even buy this Poker Edge product for a one time price tag of 299.95, which comprises a simulator that you practice on. I’m not much of a poker player, but looking at what exactly is included in the training bundles, it definitely looks like lots of very good material for anyone looking to discover the match, and even somebody who’s experienced who want to take their game into the next stage.

Now, let us discuss the company prospect. You can become a distributor for a onetime fee of $49.95 and $19.95 a month to the company Builder strategy. The payment plan provides 5 different methods to make income. There’s also a monthly car bonus you’ll be able to make in the event that you attain the status of Licensed Black Rounders. The payment plan appears attractive as well as for the perfect person, Poker Training Network might be a fun and lucrative method of earning money.

In final, Poker Training Network resembles a good company, that has a great product for the poker niche and also has a generous compensation program. But despite that which you may possibly have been educated, that’s very little to do with if you’re going to achieve success or not. What really determines if you may succeed or not, is your own ability to personally sponsor other folks in to your company, your ability to effectively promote your ability to build a strong set of downline distributors. And, one of the biggest facets to accomplishing those 3 things is the ability to market. If you really don’t have a clue about marketing, you may truly have a hard time building your company. It’s crucial to your success you will receive the perfect advertising training and that means you can brand yourself and generate an endless flow of quality leads. Needless to say, you can construct your business solely using old school, traditional, offline methods nevertheless, for your ordinary person, calling your current friends and family will only take you so far. In the event that you’re able to successfully unite effective off line techniques having the capacity to build leads on the web, you can very well be on the way to creating a wildly prosperous company.

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