Blackjack Bot Cashes Casino Deposit Bonuses Automatically

Online casinos offer deposit bonuses to lure new players. This effectively gives the casino client free casino money to play. The catch is, you can’t make any profit (or sometimes even for your own money), until you bet what can seem like a lot of money.

For example, an online casino can offer a 100% first deposit match up to $ 100 with a minimum bet requirement of 15 times the deposit plus bonus. So, that’s 200 x 15 $ = 3000 USD in total bets made before you can pay. This can take some time to do, especially when making a minimum bet of only $ 1. The eager player will surely bet more in search of these alluring bonuses 007카지노.

The problem is, the more you bet, the more likely you are to undergo the natural variation of variance (or short-term happiness) that reduces the whole stack to much more than a gamble. No doubt, this is exactly what the casino offers as a bonus. If a client plays a small game, such as a blackjack, and can continue to make a minimum bet until he or she catches the bonuses, they are almost certain to earn the bulk of the bonus as a profit. (This is because the home of online blackjack houses is only 1/2 of 1% measles, often less.)

Enter the Blackjack bot. This is a computer game program that resides on your computer, which plays the perfect basic strategy for you. Set it to make a minimum bet, set the maximum number of hands to play to meet the minimum betting requirements, and go to bed. The bot plays for you and makes effortless bonus money.

“Online casinos should offer deposit bonuses as part of their marketing, as this is an industry standard and is expected of them,” a casino bot user responded when asked about the growing use of online bots. “It works for them because most players will become impatient and make bigger bets, throwing themselves at the mercy of the variance and the home edge.”

“The reason casinos make so much money is because players will bet big and stop playing after they have lost,” he added. “The bot’s products equalize the winning and losing streaks, so you almost always pay the expected value of the deposit bonus.” These expected values ​​vary by casino, but are usually around 80% of the bonus offered after the home edge multiplied by the betting requirement charges it.

Many of these casinos offer regular monthly “reload bonuses” as well. This means that the player can make another deposit next month and receive even more bonus money, since the casino would like another shot at them.

Is it really that easy? Should the content of online casinos sit down and allow bot users to free them from their promotional cash bonuses?

The answer to that question has yet to be determined. Most online business infiltrated by bots take counter measures, such as MySpace (a hugely popular social networking site). But it is still unclear just how endangered online casinos are through the few bot users who exploit the flaw in their bonus policies. And even bigger is the question of whether they want to spend money and resources to do something about it, as bot developers always seem to be one step ahead of the Internet.

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