Marijuana and Cases of Mental Illness and Memory Loss


Marijuana is among those abused substances across the world, with scores of users experiencing adverse health issues every year due to its usage, from lung cancer to other serious issues. Additionally, prolonged use of this substance was depicted to co-relate with cases of memory loss and psychological ailments. They are extremely serious findings that produce the drug dangerous, much more for young people just eking their academic limelight.

When it comes to mental disease, bud definitely includes a serious effect, even though it is yet to be understood when its usage actually brings a mental illness, as it’s tough to disentangle the results of its usage from other factors that might be penalized individually as cases of emotional problems. Subsequent to the usage of this substance, patients with Schizophrenia have portrayed some quite troubled mental instances of thoughts and perceptions. The substance also comes about with symptoms of depression and anxiety that triggers notions of suicide.

However, an even far more detailed relationship of cause and effect between marijuana and a few of these indications is not yet been studied but doesn’t highlight the seriousness lying their in. The order of use is that a miserable, stressed and anxious individual might use the material for its consequences of mellowing the users and quieting them, although the truth is that people who use the substance often experience dread and paranoia

On the flip side, long and short -term users of marijuana are known to have a diminished attention and profoundly entrenched memory problems which have reduce the ability and capability to master. In teenagers and adults, the consequences may have catastrophic effects since compounds which were ascertained to be from the chemical might easily interfere with creation of memories as well as the endowed ability of preserving consciousness.

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