The Public Domain and the Amazon Pro Merchant Account


If you are making your very own public domain based information goods, you need to provide consideration to attempting to sell your merchandise on Amazon.

As a product founder, there are two ways to get this done. The foremost is Amazon Advantage. The next is as a Pro Merchant. Let’s look at both apps.

Amazon Advantage – When you are an Ecom Income blueprint Edge vendor, you’re essentially selling your inventory to Amazon at a wholesale cost of 45 percent of the retail cost of the goods. The advantages with this program would be that you ship to just one customer – Amazon – and you also get a lot of control over the way that a product description looks. The disadvantage is that they require a huge percentage of their merchandise price. So if you’re attempting to sell cheap products, then this method of selling on Amazon may take a massive section of your profit daily.

Professional Insights – A Pro Merchant is a wonderful choice if you’re constantly creating products and use Amazon as a sales channel. A Guru Merchant account costs $39.99 monthly but offers some amazing advantages over their free seller account. It provides you with a lower fee structure, the capability to offer services and products minus the listings expiring and the capacity to make your own product listings in the Amazon catalogue.

Let’s look at each of them in a little more detail.

Lower commission arrangement – As a regular market place seller, you are changed a percentage of the sale (varies based on product category) plus a $0.99 charge per item sold. So if you’re selling over 40 items on Amazon each month, then your subscription is covered. That usually means you have to constantly keep relisting items that did not sell. As a Guru Merchant, the listings are kept up indefinitely. Being a product developer, meaning you can create a record with an inventory level of 100, 500, 1000 or more and more simply let the list sitin their available products list indefinitely. Which means you list it and not touch it again. This is a wonderful time saver since you do not ever have to be worried about whether your product remains listed.
Capability to create your own catalog entries – Amazon is driven off a catalogue of goods. If your precise product isn’t in the catalogue, you cannot sell it for an everyday market vendor. As a Pro Merchant, you can create a catalog entry for the item and begin selling it. For instance, we have more than 450 disc services and products which we generated from public domain materials and each of them is really a catalog entry we created. This means the description of this item, the images, the price point, etc. . typical what we put it at. So when we sell, we just tell Amazon that we have duplicates of the specific catalog thing and are offering themX. The single drawback is that the formatting available on a Pro Merchant generated record is restricted. They allow you 2, 000 characters to create your goods description. This is Okay. The negative part is that it’s all one large paragraph that sometimes may make it more readable into the potential buyer.
If you are seriously interested in creating hardgood services and products (books, CDs, DVDs) from public domain names, you really ought to peek at the Amazon Pro Merchant accounts as being a profitable sales channel for you personally.

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