5 Key Benefits Of Studying a TEFL Course in Chiang Mai


Thailand’s second biggest city is Chiang Mai, home to one of the country’s very best universities. Chiangmai is very much a student town, and thus is extremely popular with young people, and for this reason Chiangmai is fast becoming the most widely used place of study to teachers training in Thailand for its TEFL qualification.

The tutors of TEFL courses in Chiangmai tend ssru to be of western source, or at the minimum Thai persons who have studied in the west in high-level international schools. This ensures that the schooling standards are corresponding to that of the U.S. or even the United Kingdom.

The town is very clean in contrast to the capital, Bangkok, and comprises all the local amenities you may see at home country. With 7/11s on every corner, and Tesco catering for your weekly shopping, the town very quickly becomes a home far from your home. Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas and housing over 300 temples, the local tradition and scenery is simply magnificent.

It is not only the long times, amazing food, and relaxed, friendly atmosphere enticing TEFL students to the town; Chiang Mai TEFL courses are becoming very popular for any number of additional great explanations. Here are just 5 important benefits that making analyzing in the historic Lanna city a very attractive alternative.

1. Undertaking a TEFL class in Chiang Mai means analyzing in a city once voted the second best city on the planet to live by the most popular website, Travel and Leisure. With a vibrant student community and plethora of bars and eateries, the town is filled with young exciting people from all around the world.

2. TEFL classes in Chiangmai offer foreign students the chance to acquire on the job, practical teaching experience with non-native English speaking students, something not readily available in Europe or America.

3. Each of TEFL courses in Thailand are accredited by the Thai Ministry of instruction, and are consequently known throughout Asia. Which usually means that educators, once qualified, might teach across multiple countries in the region.

4. There’s just a huge TEFL jobs market in Thailand, and Chiangmai has plenty of opportunities for qualified TEFL teachers trying to live and instruct in the city up on their own graduation. It’s extremely possible you’ll be given a position anyplace after gaining your qualification. It is also often the case that students are offered conditional placements throughout their program.

5. You will have the extra benefit of fulfilling ex-pat tutors who are going to be able to provide you with useful contacts and advice regarding a search to become great TEFL teacher.

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